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Real Drinks | “His and Hers” by Tommy | 2Recipes

I enjoy the classics, but I prefer more kick. Here are a couple classics from my personal bar…
-Tommy Beluga



2oz Gin
1oz Orange Juice (medium pulp)
1/2oz Sweet Vermouth
1/2oz Dry Vermouth

Make It:
1. Chill medium martini glass.
2. Shake Gin & Orange Juice over ice.
3. Swish empty martini glass with both Vermouth then spill.
4. Poor chilled beverage into glass; garnish with twist of orange.



2oz Gin
1/2oz Roses Lime
1/2oz Squeezed Lime
1/4tsp Powered Sugar

Make it:
1. Shake Gin, Roses lime, Squeezed lime and sugar over ice.
2. Poor over lowball glass heaped with ice.
3. Garnish with lime slices.


Protein Shake | Chocolate Covered Banana-berry| 1Recipe


1/3C Almond Milk (unsweetened)
5 fresh Strawberries
1/2 Banana
2TBSP Vanilla Greek Yogurt (low-fat)
1SCOOP Chocolate Whey Protein
1TBSP Flax Seed
6 Ice Cubes

Let us know what you think!!!

Protein Shake | Orange Tarttastic | 1Recipe

Orange Tarttastic

1/3C Almond Milk Unsweetened
1/2 Banana (Medium)
3/4C Strawberries (fresh or frozen)
2TBSP Plain Greek Yogurt
2TBSP Smooth Orange Whey Protein
1/4 Lime Squeezed
1TBSP Flax Seed
6 Ice Cubes

Before You Die | Vertigo & Moon Bar-Bangkok | 16Pics

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Drink | Bloody Mary | 23 Pics

Bloody Mary’s are in my Top 10 of best things on Earth. Whether nursing a hangover or self-medicating to get yourself through an awkward family brunch, Bloody Mary’s are always a good decision.

Today, we’re going to look at 23 offerings from bars around American and the world.


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Nerd Alert! Betsy’s Food Photos | 27 Pics

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MMJ | A Coffee Community

 By Amanda [Team Barista Extraordinaire]

Check out Amanda’s blog at My Northern Hospitality!

I recently joined the corporate world doing a job I was made for – administrative assistant.  I love my job, but it definitely requires a cup of coffee every morning because you are constantly on your toes.  My 8:30 coffee run has become quite the ritual and I don’t know what I would do without it.  I almost always make this coffee run with a coworker – which got me thinking about the social side effects of coffee. 

Coffee is the perfect drink to get while chatting.  You’re expecting an energy buzz from the caffeine so you’re already feeling better, and then add in the fact that you’re socializing and boom!  Winning.  Your day has significantly improved before you even took the first sip.  Read the rest of this entry

VV | Fat Cat Pinot Noir

  By Betsy [Team Vino Vriter]

Name:  Fat Cat Pinot Noir
Source:  Fat Cat Cellars, Napa, CA
Price:  $9.99

This week, I was in the mood for a red, once again.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m enjoying the taste so much lately, or if it’s due to the lingering winter (seriously, it can leave ANY day now) that I like to think of as “red wine season.”  Another reason could be the fact that I have not reviewed Chardonnay as of yet…and the reds are conveniently acting as a stalling device for this.  (FYI:  I despise Chardonnay; it’s the only variety I find completely repulsive. However, as many wine drinkers enjoy it, I feel it’s my duty to step outside my protective wine box—pun fully intended—and bear the heavy syrup-like bitterness for the sake of covering my subject well.)

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VV | Ulmen Malbec Dulce

  By Betsy [Team Vino Vriter]

Ulmen Malbec Dulce
Imported by Patagonia Wine and Imports, Greenville, South Carolina
Produced and bottled in Argentina (producer)

Imagine you have a “favorite.”  A favorite something.  It’s the thing
that’s always faithful when you need a “fix;” a loyal, non-threatening
option that you can count on.  You frequent this favorite quite often
and it is always pleasing to you, as well as the ones you share it

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VV | Zen of Zin

  By Betsy [Team Vino Vriter]

Zen of Zin old vine Zinfandel
Ravenswood Winery, Sonoma, CA

A letter to Winter:

Dear Winter,

We’ve had some good times together over the years.  You created in me
a passion for skiing and figure skating.  I love coats, scarves, and
hats you cause our department stores to produce in abundance.  You
make hot chocolate taste like heaven and 3 hardened balls of snow
stacked on top of each other, adorable.  However, my dear friend…

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