FF | Christmas Music | It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

 by Nick [Life Contributor]


This morning (11/12), I turn on 102.9 lite FM because I like listening to my soft rock music when all of a sudden… I hear jingle bells. Yep, its Christmas time. I should have noticed it coming when the people at Target were setting up Xmas lights next to the Halloween display. This is the time of year when you not only think about family and friends, but also “what the F!#$ happened to 2010?” Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away… Christmas is only month after that…. Where did time go?

I could get into an argument about how godly awful it is to start thinking about snow and Christmas right now, but I want to stay positive in this week’s blog entry. I love Christmas Music. The music is cheery. The songs are easy to sing along to. Its something EVERYONE knows. There are so many varieties of these songs, it’s over whelming. Rock Stars, Country singers, The Trans Siberian Orchestra, etc….. anyone who can sing or play instruments…. has played or sung Christmas songs.

I am in the Christmas season. I am relaxed. I am comfortable. I think everyone should celebrate Christmas. I never considered the holiday about Jesus’ birth. It’s a time to celebrate Santa and present giving and togetherness (with family or strippers). I hope all of you can get out and enjoy the season. I hope more of you will come check out my Christmas songs this holiday break as well.

Live, Life, Love, Strippers.


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